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  1. Jackass 3D

    Jackass 3D

    The gang are back for a third movie, abusing 3D and themselves this October.

    Posted 13th August 2010, 3:02pm

  2. Life As We Know It

    Life As We Know It

    Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel are total opposites forced to be a family unit for their goddaughter in this new comedy.

    Posted 12th August 2010, 4:39pm

  3. 22 Bullets

    22 Bullets

    Jean Reno stars in a mafia revenge thriller from Richard Berry.

    Posted 12th August 2010, 4:15pm

  4. Brit Horror Splintered

    Brit Horror Splintered

    Holly Weston has to battle beasts in this debut horror.

    Posted 11th August 2010, 4:19pm

  5. Skyline Trailer Debuts

    Skyline Trailer Debuts

    Can the brothers Strause be forgiven for Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem with this Independence Day-like thriller?

    Posted 11th August 2010, 3:20pm

  6. The Romantics

    The Romantics

    Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Anna Paquin star in this cliquey drama.

    Posted 10th August 2010, 6:23pm

  7. New Enter The Void Trailer

    New Enter The Void Trailer

    Irreversible director Gaspar Noe's visually stunning view of a drug dealer's afterlife.

    Posted 10th August 2010, 2:48pm

  8. Sam Rockwell’s The Winning Season

    Sam Rockwell’s The Winning Season

    The actor takes on a girls' basketball team in this Sundance hit.

    Posted 9th August 2010, 7:38pm

  9. New Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Teaser

    New Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Teaser

    Georgie Henley returns as Lucy in this brand new trailer for the third film.

    Posted 5th August 2010, 3:12pm

  10. Alpha And Omega

    Alpha And Omega

    Lionsgate release their first 3D animation this October, a cute tale about a lovestruck wolf.

    Posted 5th August 2010, 3:06pm