Top Ten Pancake Moments In Film

Everybody loves Pancake Day, even Hollywood. Here are our ten favourite pancake-related moments in film.

Posted 21st February 2012, 2:10pm in Features and Interviews / By Caroline Armour
Top Ten Pancake Moments In Film

What better way to enjoy Pancake Day than to tuck into a plate of your own while recounting some of the best cinematic pancake moments? “Pancake moments?” You ask, but yes, there are such things. The unassuming breakfast dish has been there in a supporting role in many films. They vary in size, some of them don’t actually have any screen time and some come with meat. Here are my top ten.

10. Road Trip

Hey Jack, when your dog starts vocalising a desire for blueberry pancakes you have two options, either clean up your act or make that pooch some food, right now.

9. Uncle Buck

“I hope you are hungry. You should see the toast, I couldn’t even get it through the door.” It’s at this point I had to go and make some pancakes for myself. With the largest pancakes in the top ten Uncle Buck becomes my hero as he makes these monster pancakes for his nephew, played by a young Macaulay Culkin. He may not be a good role model but Uncle Buck sure can cook.

8. Cabin Fever

It’s a horror and there aren’t actually any pancakes. There is however a deranged child with an impressive mullet shouting about pancakes. Close enough. It should be emphasised that if pancakes are not available then do not chew on the hand of the nearest available human, it is a bit gross and chance is it will make people a little wary of you.

7. Groundhog Day

“Don’t you worry about cholesterol, lung cancer, love handles? I don’t worry about anything anymore… that’s what makes me so special. I don’t even have to floss.” If what you do in a day truly had no impact on the day after it, what would you do? Phil does the sensible thing and heads down to the diner and does his best to eat a tableful of food. To his left, it’s those pancakes again, and again and again.

6. (500) Days of Summer

“I love these pancakes. What? Tom don’t go, you are still my best friend.” Tom gets his heart stomped on, is relegated to the friend zone and worse than that? He leaves without manning up or eating his pancakes, ouch. If she loves her meal more than she loves you Tom, she’s probably not the one.
They are some fine looking pancakes, though I still struggle to agree with Summer when she turns down the lovely Joseph Gordon Levitt.

5. Pulp Fiction

It’s another diner. Only this time the pancakes set the backdrop for a discussion on religion, the cleanliness of pigs and there is an armed robbery. A quiet breakfast for John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson.

4. Goldmember

Shmoke and a pancake anyone? Going around the world using the medium of pancakes and cigarettes, Austin Powers is usually a safe bet for a laugh and for today it is almost informative - who knew there were so many different varieties of pancake? If you have enough time on your hands this pancake day, try making each of the types mentioned. Though for your health don't smoke everything he says.

3. Talladega Nights

I’d much sooner announce my love for crepes than have my arm broken, but logic doesn’t always pull through. Especially with Will Ferrell as the lead, but good on you Will sticking to your guns like that, but sorry yes crepes really are just like thin pancakes.

2. Matilda

At number two thanks to the soundtrack, it’s the song, which for years I thought went along the lines of ‘I would like to reach out my hand, efksdbjfisubg kihfsjbfijdf’ having looked up the lyrics, I’m still not entirely convinced I was wrong, but if ever there was a happy sounding pancake making moment Matilda has it.
Plus despite being too small for the kitchen worktop, she makes pancakes which put mine to shame. It’s not difficult - I’m no chef - but being shown up by a four year old isn’t great. I’ll forgive her, she is magic after all.

1 . Rain Man

Winner of four Oscars and now top place in my top ten pancake moments, Raymond eats pancakes on a Tuesday, join him and make your pancake day more of a challenge by giving up on the cutlery and giving cocktail sticks a go instead.
We all know Rain Man is a great film, it’s handy that an important scene in the film features pancakes. Raymond gets to surprise his brother Charlie with his obscure and remarkable train of thought. Charlie wants rid of him and he wants his money, it’s the beginning of their relationship and it happens over pancakes. The perfect finale for this countdown.