Star Wars: A New Hope Quiz

So you think you know Star Wars? This will separate the Jedi from the Padawans.

Posted 20th December 2011, 8:22pm in Star Wars, Recommended, Features and Interviews / By Sam Faulkner
Star Wars: A New Hope Quiz

As the name suggests, we are pretty geeky types here at ScreenGeek, and have decided to combine our love of classic science fiction, horror and other cult films with our obsession with trivia.

In this spirit we bring to you the most bastard hard Star Wars: A New Hope quiz we think you’ll find. The rules are simple- ten questions, answers are at the bottom. No cheating, (including Wookipedia!) as there’s no glory in that. There is nothing here that can’t be discovered by watching the film itself, so no need to delve into your extended universe collection, just rely on your Jedi-sharp eyes and ears to get you through. Let us know how you get on.

We reckon if you can score more than five or six without cheating then the force is truly with you, young Padawan.

1. How many systems does Dr. Evazan claim to have the death sentence on?

2. Which planet does Princess Leia tell Grand Moff Tarkin the rebel base is situated on?

3. How quickly does Han Solo claim the Milenium Falcon can complete the Kessel run?

4. What is the name of the town on Tatooine, where Luke is supposed to take r2-D2 to have his memory erased?

5. Who was the only member of Red Squadron to survive the battle of Yavin, apart from Luke?

6. What did Luke want to do at Tosche Station?

7. The thermal exhaust port on the Death Star is approximately 2 metres across, not much bigger than...?

8. What was C3-P0’s first job?

9. What was wrong with the red R2 unit which Owen buys?

10. Who commanded the rebel ship at the beginning, as mentioned by C3-P0?


1. 12

2. Dantooine

3. 12 Parsecs (Actually a measure of distance, a lot has been said about this, but if you’re reading this you probably know the various theories)

4. Anchorhead

5. Wedge Antilles

6. Pick up some power convertors

7. A womp rat

8. Programming binary loadlifters

9. It had a bad motivator

10. Commander Antilles.

How did you get on? Let us know below, or on Twitter on @screengeekuk