Mega Drive Games That Should Be Movies

Looking back on some of our favourite classics, and who we think could do them justice.

Posted 25th April 2012, 2:21pm in Front Featured, Features and Interviews / By Sam Faulkner
Mega Drive Games That Should Be Movies

Sega’s Mega Drive is responsible for some of our most treasured childhood memories. Growing up in the 90’s, it was hard not to be spurred on in life by the image of that moustachioed arsehole Dr. Robotnik, taunting you at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog for having missed just a few gems. That kind of humiliation is character building in the long run.

Seeing as Michael Bay and his cronies have been systematically destroying our nostalgia in recent years, we got to thinking, which games from the classic console would we like to see brought to the screen, and by who? Here’s what we came up with – please do join in the fun in the comments section below!

Streets of Rage

A truly awesome scrolling beat-em-up, with a well-pitched difficulty curve and intense co-op gameplay, Streets of Rage offered three playable characters – ex-cops who turn vigilante to clean up the city after a sinister crime syndicate takes over. The game incredibly still holds up 20 years later, and we would love to see this brought to the screen. Our dream version would be directed by Gareth Evans of The Raid fame, taking a similar structure to that film as the protagonists battle their way to Mr. X. We know we would be in total geek Nirvana to see Summer Glau as Blaze, teaming up with John Boyega’s Adam (Da Brick looks in trouble, so it would be a good chance to see the talented youngster get some boxing action after all) and Chris Hemsworth’s Axel to battle waves of punks and dominatrices.

Golden Axe

Swords-and-sorcery hack ‘n’ slasher Golden Axe was another of the console’s most popular games, as the three distinct characters seek revenge for various reasons against the evil Death Adder. It may not have aged as well as some of the other games on this list, but would be just as much fun on the big screen. We’d love to see Kenneth Branagh take this one on, as his Shakespearean leanings made Thor great fun. Jason Momoa seems a fairly obvious choice for Ax Battler, with Gina Carano as Tyris Flare and Neal McDonough in Dum-Dum Duggan mode as Gilius Thunderhead, whilst we’d pay good money to see Toby Jones as the pesky little sprite bastards who pinch your magic potions between levels.

Road Rash

Ludicrously violent racing game Road Rash featured the ability to bring some nasty weaponry to bear on your fellow motorcyclists, with the baseball bat a favourite. In the film, we’d like to see a dystopian near-future where violent underground racing events are rampant. One rider would get mixed up in a high-powered gambling syndicate, going on the run with cattle prod in hand and a souped-up bike. For us, this would have to be Joe Gordon-Levitt, directed by a high-octane filmmaker in the Neveldine and Taylor mode.

Super Thunder Blade

An absolutely rock-hard game, Super Thunder Blade was a third-person helicopter combat shooter, giving the player waves of tanks, choppers and enormous city-sized war machines to fight through, with a single hit from the enemies proving fatal. The film would be a simple, cheesy action affair, and would need a typically square-jawed hero to play the brash young pilot who goes AWOL to take on waves of enemies. We’re thinking Taylor Kitsch, directed by Tony Scott, would throw up an enjoyably gung-ho version of this.

Alien Storm

A scrolling shooter, again with a co-op mode and three characters to choose from, Alien Storm was a little on the easy side, but did feature varied enemies and a wealth of attack animations from the player characters. Broken up by first-person shooting stages, repelling the large-scale alien invasion was great fun. Alien Storm as a movie would have to be fun first and foremost, and an Edgar Wright-directed version seems ideal to us. As long as Andy Serkis can motion-capture Slammer the robot, Eliza Dushku can take up the flamethrower of Karla and Nathan Fillion takes the role of alien buster extraordinaire Gordon, we’d be happy.

The Immortal

One of the most difficult games of all time, The Immortal seemed to revel in killing off the player in any number of inventive and surprising ways, often out of absolutely nowhere. Following an unnamed wizard as he heads into a labyrinth to find his mentor Mordamir, The Immortal is famous for its difficulty, but also boasted strong atmospheric design and memorable, gruesome traps. We can’t imagine he’d be terribly interested in the project, but a Peter Jackson version of The Immortal would have us queuing up no matter who he cast.