Knight And Day London Premiere Report

Leicester Square got the famous Tom Cruise experience last night - here's what happened!

Knight And Day London Premiere Report

The UK premiere of Knight and Day took place last night, and London got the full Tom Cruise treatment. Take a look at these exclusive candid red carpet photos!

The leading man put other stars to shame, as he and his team orchestrated a three-hour meet and greet with the hundreds that lined Leicester Square. To call it merely signing would be a disservice, as Cruise methodically took his time with fans, signing autographs, posing for photos, making calls, laughing and joking with almost everyone.

His red carpet experiences are legendary, but to witness what Cruise does first hand is something else. Warm and personable, he greets each person as if he has all the time in the world, as opposed to the hurried swishing of sharpies over clamouring hands. This is made possible by him assembling a shockingly pleasant group of PAs, who take your camera minutes in advance so you only have to worry about babbling on to Cruise when he reaches you. It's a pretty magical. His minders even manage to create a sense of calm, which is most unheard of.

Unlike most premieres - where the stars get out of the car, sign for a bit, then do press and photos - Cruise has the power to dictate things the other way round. Press was out of the way first, giving him literally hours to do the rounds of the square. It does remove the initial thrill of the car exit, but what you get in return is worth it.

Co-star Cameron Diaz is not known to be the most fan-friendly type, but to avoid being shown up by the gracious Cruise, she made a valiant effort to sign for everyone, albeit with a hysterically over-the-top security team who instructed the crowd like a bunch of children (to be fair, most do need lessons in manners).

James Mangold, director of the romantic action comedy, was on hand to talk in the square about his megastar leading couple, with Cruise a special ops agent on the run, and Diaz his hapless hostage. It's a sidestep for the director, whose previous work includes the deadly serious Walk The Line, 3:10 To Yuma and Girl, Interrupted. This time it was a bundle of stunts and laughs in several glamorous locations around the world, including Seville and Salzberg. Unfortunately for this There Will Be Blood fan, supporting actor Paul Dano did not turn up. Neither did Lost's Maggie Grace, dammit.

Watch Cruise and Diaz wax lyrical about how awesome the other is in this footage from the red carpet below, and head here for an exclusive photo gallery. Knight and Day is released on 6th August.