Inception World Premiere: In Photos

An exclusive gallery of candid shots from last night's event, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy.

Inception World Premiere: In Photos

There are lovely photos aplenty of the stars from last night's Inception, posing on the maze-like carpet, but what you really want to know is what they look like when they're dealing with the baying fans.

After an agonising clash with one of the anticipated movies of the year (The A-Team), it was decided that the world premiere of what could be one of the greatest films ever made was impossible to miss. So it was off to Leicester Square to be in the presence of a superb, critically-lauded and impossibly gorgeous cast, and the great mind of writer and director Christopher Nolan.

All these stunning candid photos are from new ScreenGeek chum Helen Davis (unless otherwise indicated). Bathe in their beauty. Don't forget to check out the footage from the night here, and enter our fantastic competition for Inception goodies.

The offensively ugly Cillian Murphy

Leonardo DiCaprio being brilliant

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Bending the ear off of Ellen Page (by Tara Bonar)

Stopped squealing enough to take my own photo of the sweet Ellen Page

Ellen Page is TINY (my photo)

One of those lovely boards may or may not be in my living room right now

Seeing the trailer on a huge piss-poor screen was exciting enough, imagine IMAX

Christopher Nolan, too busy being clever and awesome to come over

It's Mark Strong!

Sir Michael Caine

Sir Ridley Scott

Tom Hardy. Bronson is just a distant memory...

Mark Strong and Ridley Scott rolling in together