Inception Interviews: Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Ellen Page

The indie darlings hit the big time in Christopher Nolan's cerebral blockbuster.

Inception Interviews: Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Ellen Page

There's so much Inception madness this week, it's amazing. The review embargo has been lifted for the US types, and all those insanely positive reviews are coming in, claiming it's a classic.

We've been bringing you some nice spoiler-free interviews with the cast, and today we've got the cute-as-a-button pairing of Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Page has followed up her Oscar-nominated turn in Juno with one of my favourites of the year, Whip It, and now this. Incredible. Former child star Gordon-Levitt returned with a bang with the beloved (500) Days Of Summer last year, and together they chat about co-starring in this mindbending sci-fi thriller, released on 16th July.

Star Leonardo DiCaprio and chums will hit London on Thursday 8th July for the World Premiere of the most anticipated film of the year, from Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Don't forget, you can win tickets to the Leicester Square premiere by following Inception on Facebook.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Ellen Page

A character featurette, if you want to know more...

The best trailer, ever.